National Pecan Sandies Day

If you enjoy cookies, then National Pecan Sandies Day on June 23rd is a day worth celebrating. The American food holiday is observed annually and offers bakers and cookie lovers a chance to enjoy a classic cookie.

As long as baking has been documented, cookie-like wafers have existed. Part of the reason may be because these sturdy cookies travel very well. Cookies have changed and evolved over the years with the modern standards of sweetness and variety, though. The mild sweetness of these cookies pairs well with tea and coffee. And the texture of these melt-in-your-mouth cookies will remind you of the shortbread cookies your grandma used to make.

Another shortbread version of a pecan sandie is called a Mexican or Italian Wedding cookie. These powdered sugar-coated balls also melt in your mouth and look like delicious snowballs – another name for the sweet morsel. They’re easy to make and store, too! Either version of the cookie is Celebrate Every Day® approved!

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Jun 23 2024


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