National Coffee Milkshake Day

Add National Coffee Milkshake Day on July 26th and coffee lovers to those who participate in National Ice Cream Month. The day whips up a caffeinated way to celebrate one of the hottest times of the year.

While a milkshake sounds refreshing at the end of July, a coffee milkshake sounds even better. The combination of creamy ice cream blended with coffee perks up even the most extended workday. Add chocolate, and this treat becomes a mocha, too!

For those of you dreaming of autumn, you’re allowed to mix up a pumpkin spice latte version, too. However, you’re not allowed to tell anyone we gave you permission. And those dreaming of Christmas in July, go ahead mix up a peppermint mocha milkshake. Again, you didn’t hear it from us. It is July after all.

If you’re going to go for a flavored coffee milkshake, may we make a suggestion? Since it’s summer, the s’more is an iconic summer coffee flavor.

While we’re flexible, let’s also be generous and invite others to your milkshake-making party. We Celebrate Every Day® this way, sharing all the best coffee-blends from espresso and caramel to dark chocolate and toffee.

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Jul 26 2024


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