National Bavarian Crepes Day

Serving up a light and airy dish, March 22nd annually recognizes National Bavarian Crepes Day.

Bavarian crepes are a delicious, very thin pancake-like dessert. They are typically made from wheat flour or buckwheat flour, then filled, rolled, and then often topped with a glaze, fruit, chocolate or whipped cream. In Bavaria, crepes are called palatschinke. While similar to a French crepe, the Bavarian crepe batter doesn’t need to rest before using.

Both types of crepes lend themselves to delicious desserts and fresh breakfast settings. They even make for a light brunch with a savory touch. However, crepes shine when it comes to delivering delicate and beautiful desserts. Whether they are filled with cream, mousse, or jams, the results are almost always spectacular.

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Mar 22 2024


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